Best Ways to Find Personal Trainers


Personal trainers are all around you and you may not even notice it. Thanks to technology advancement and our fitness community, personal trainers are much easier to track and find, meaning it shouldn’t be tough to get to a personal trainer. Here are three ways to find a personal trainer:

  1. Local Gym

The most common point of contact with a personal trainer is your local gym. Personal trainers may be costly but if you sign up for a gym membership, the gym may offer a low rate for a personal trainer. Gyms have personal trainers ready to help with your fitness needs and they have many options to choose from.

2. Internet Search

There is a good number out there of platforms where you can track personal trainers. A good internet search can show you different sources that can direct you to a personal trainer such as Fitness Trainer and Send Me a Trainer. Those are great resources to find certified personal trainers around your local area.

3. Park

In an urban and metropolitan area, there are many personal trainers who love to take their clients to the park for workouts. Especially in nice sunny weather, you may find a trainer running with their client or instructing them how to do an exercise. One day when you are enjoying a stroll in the park and if you ever see a personal trainer, don’t be afraid to ask his/her for a business card or his/her Instagram. Not only it benefits you to a chance to workout with a personal trainer, but it also benefits them.

Although the gym and park require a commute, it allows you to see your potential personal trainer in person. On the other hand, searching through the internet for platforms like Fitness Trainer and Send Me a Trainer allows you to see personal trainers’ experience and certification. Just remember, when you work-out with a personal trainer, make sure you have a great meal plan along with your workout plan.


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