The Painful Truth About Gyms


Millions of Americans sign up for a gym membership in January and many gyms can reassure you that by the month of February, the number of attendees decreases.  Did you know that Planet Fitness, a big gym chain in America holds about 300 people by law but still signs thousands of people up for a membership? Yup! It’s true. Gyms build their business models around people not showing up. If you have a gym membership and don’t go to the gym, you are the ideal customer gyms like Planet Fitness are targeting.

It is known that if you are not motivated to attend the gym, even paying for the membership won’t change your mind. As Planet Money relates, for all the people who are home sitting on the couch subsidizes the gym-goers actual cost of the gym services. If it weren’t for the slackers, going to the gym would cost much more. However, it is challenging to resist the payment plan since today, gyms facilities resemble our luxury spas and hotels. Gyms attract people that will pay for what they see and lure them into paying a low price every month.

So if you’re trying to stay committed to reaching your fitness goals, you must commit to yourself first. Gyms don’t advertise the proper approaches for a new and healthier fitness journey because they make much more money if you don’t show up. If you want to spend your money into something that would keep you motivated, working out with a gym buddy or tracking your progress for starts are options.


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