What to Expect When Working with a Personal Trainer


What should a personal training session look like? On your first session with your trainer, you should expect to take an assessment. Your trainer will need to examine how your body responds to movement. This is called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

This functional assessment is necessary because your trainer needs to evaluate your flexibility, mobility, and stability. This screen is to identify functional movement deficits that show your trainer an increased risk of injury. In this assessment session, your body measurements, health history, and goals are also discussed. Every personal trainer does this because it is very important to know how your body reacts to certain movements. If they don’t, they put you at high risk of injuries and you should seek another personal trainer who takes this seriously.

Moving forward in your session, personal trainers will get you started with a nice 5 to 10-minute warm-up. Of course, this varies from trainer to trainer on how they’d like to warm you up which could be some light cardio or some dynamic stretches. Depending on your goal, you and your trainer will spend your sessions doing cardio, weight training, flexibility, or other activities. Every personal trainer is different but it is important that you pick the right trainer for you because your sessions should be fun, interactive, and personal. Trainers will demonstrate how to do each exercise, instruct you on how much weight to use, and advise the best exercises suited for you.

Sessions with a personal trainer will grow over time as you feel more comfortable to complete workouts and get closer to your goals. They should track your progress, provide you a workout plan, and reassess body movements every 6-8 weeks to modify your workouts accordingly. 


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